Solo Repertoire
Bach, Italian Concerto
Bach, Partita No. 2 in c minor
Bach, Selection of Preludes & Fugues
Bach-Siloti, Prelude in b minor
Barber, Sonata for Piano, op. 26 in eb minor
Beethoven, Sonata No. 6, op. 10 no. 2 in F Major
Beethoven, Sonata No. 7, op. 10, no. 3 in D Major
Beethoven, Sonata No. 26, op. 81a in Eb Major, "Les Adieux"
Beethoven, Sonata No. 28, op. 101 in A Major
Beethoven, Sonata No. 32, op. 111 in c minor
Beffa, Karol, Etude No. 4
Bogdanov, Fyodor, Poeme (1975)
Boyle, Rory, Six T(OK)ENS (2016)
Brahms, Sonata No. 3 in f minor, op. 5
Brahms, Variations in d minor op. 18b (arr. from string sextet)
Chopin, Fantasie in f minor, op. 49
Chasins, Prelude No. 14 in eb minor
Chopin, Selection of Nocturnes and Mazurkas
Debussy, Etude “Pour les sixtes”
Dusapin, Pascal, Etude No. 2
Grieg, Selection of Lyric Pieces
Haydn, Sonata No. 21 in F Major
Haydn, Sonata No. 47 in b minor
Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 in c# minor
Liszt, Vallee d’Obermann
Mendelssohn, Fantasie in f# minor, op. 28
Mozart, Sonata in Bb Major, K. 281
Mozart, Sonata in Bb Major, K. 333
Paganini-Liszt, Etudes No. 2 in Eb Major, No. 5 in E Major, No. 6 in a minor
Rachmaninoff, Etude in c# minor, op. 33 no. 9
Rachmaninoff, Preludes, op. 23
Rachmaninoff, Variations on a Theme by Corelli
Scarlatti, Selection of Sonatas
Schubert, Impromptus, op. 142
Schubert-Liszt, Der Mueller und der Bach, Gretchen am spinnrade
Schumann, Drei Fantasiestuecke, op. 111
Schumann-Liszt, Widmung
Scriabin, Fantasie in b minor, op. 28
Sekon, Josef, “Clepsydra”; “Grafite” (2008-2009) – world premiere
Shchedrin, Basso Ostinato
Shostakovich, Selection of Preludes
Tchaikovsky, Theme and Variations op. 19 no. 6
Wagner-Liszt, Isolde’s Liebestod

Concerto Repertoire

Beethoven, Concerto No. 2 in Bb Major, op. 19
Beethoven, Concerto No. 3 in c minor, op. 37
Grieg, Concerto in a minor, op. 16
Kabalevsky, Concerto No. 3, op. 50
Liszt, Concerto No. 1 in Eb Major, S. 124
Mendelssohn, Concerto No. 1 in g minor, op. 25
Mozart, Concerto No. 11 in F Major, K. 413
Mozart, Concerto No. 20 in d minor, K. 466
Mozart, Concerto No. 21 in C Major, K. 467
Mozart, Concerto No. 23 in A Major, K. 488
Prokofiev, Concerto No. 2 in g minor, op. 16
Prokofiev, Concerto No. 3 in C Major, op. 26
Rachmaninoff, Concerto No. 1 in f# minor, op. 1
Saint-Saëns, Concerto No. 2 in g minor, op. 22
Schumann, Concerto in a minor, op. 54
Tchaikovsky, Concerto No. 1 in Bb minor, op. 23


Chamber Repertoire
Beethoven, Trio in c minor, op. 1, no. 3
Beethoven, Quintet for piano and winds in Eb Major, op. 16
Beethoven, Sonata No. 4 in a minor, op. 23 for piano and violin
Beethoven, Sonata No. 8 in G Major, op. 30, no. 3 for piano and violin
Brahms, Quartet No. 3 in c minor, op. 60
Brahms, Cello Sonata No. 2 in F Major, op. 99
Brahms, Clarinet Sonata No. 1 in f minor, op. 120 no. 1
Brahms, Clarinet Sonata No. 2 in Eb Major, op. 120 no. 2
Debussy, Petite suite L. 65 for four hands
Dvorak, Slavonic Dances op. 72, nos. 7-9 for four hands
Dvorak, Quintet No. 2 in A Major, op. 81
Dvorak, Quartet No. 2 in Eb Major, op. 87
Franck, Quintet in f minor
Grieg, Sonata No. 3 in c minor, op. 45 for piano and violin
Mozart, Quartet in g minor, K. 478
Mozart, Kegelstatt Trio in Eb Major, K. 498
Mozart, Theme and Variations in G Major, K. 501 for four hands
Poulenc, Le Travail du Peintre
Rachmaninoff, Valse and Romance for 6 hands
Schumann, Quartet in Eb Major, op. 47
Schumann, Sonata No. 1 in a minor, op. 105 for piano and violin
Stravinsky, Petroushka 4 hand version
Strauss, Quartet in c minor, op. 13
Webern, Piano Quintet
Brahms, Sviridov, Mahler, Tchaikovsky - Selection of songs

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